On Display at Burning Man 2018.  Available for purchase or exhibition

We souls evolve in a predictable way, and the map for our journey is written within our very DNA. If you understand the essential meanings and messages embedded within each chakra, you’ll understand the evolutionary steps each soul takes on its way to Remembering Who It Is. “Transcendent Souls” represents the stages of our soul growth.

This piece tells the story of our existence through the seven stages of our evolutionary map and gives a visual representation to knowing enlightenment and ultimately unconditional love as our higher or spiritual selves align with our human selves.

Imagine four trees shining in copper with exposed roots that grow in to hands holding a glowing heart of unconditional love. Transcendent Souls will be approximately 20’ tall will be made of steel, concrete, foam, copper, steel cable, glass, wood and chain for “porch type” swing and solar for the electrical components inside of the heart/flame and solar spots lights that shine upward upon the tree trunks at night. Underneath the piece spectators will be able to experience Transcendent Souls from another perspective, with a large porch type swing that will be mounted/hung from the two main tree trunks. In addition to the swing we will ask participants to pick out a small piece of quartz to place at the base of the installation with the intention of forming a crystal grid for the piece. This will allow soul gazers to become part of the creation.

 Kindred Art and Folk Institute students, ranging age 5-18, are designed and created two large (5’x5’) Dreamcatchers/outdoor installations. Made from steel, leather, copper rope adorned with handmade glass beads and clay figurines representing native flora and fauna made by the students. Community members were invited to write intentions, thoughts, ideas, poems, solutions on colored canvas feathers representing the elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air that will then be attached to the dreamcatcher while on display at Kindred’s annual Inspired Adventure Spring Festival in May, Truckee’s 4th of July Parade and Guitarfish Music Festival.

Desire to preserve our natural resources and help raise awareness around the issue as fresh, clean water becomes increasingly valuable for humans, flora and fauna.

Kindred is always focused on the environment and sustainable living. For centuries artists have been natural recyclers, following a vision to create something out of nothing, turning something old into something new and fining beauty in all. Over the past five summers Kindred has picked an area to focus on for the year and together have removed 30 – 68 bags of litter at each site. Once the site is litter free we create Outdoor Natural Art Installations for all to enjoy.

The Artists in Residents and students come up with a theme together, do a rough sketch of the design and then head to the location to make it happen. We collect branches, rocks, moss, pinecones and other natural elements for supplies. This way what we create is of the earth and always stays with the earth (leaving no carbon footprint). Many times after the project is complete we take photos to share via social media and hold contest to see who can find our creations on the trail; this component brings awareness and excitement for this amazing place we call home.