Letter To Kindred Families

It is with a heavy heart that we have to share some news with you all regarding the future of Kindred. There is no easy way to state this, but Kindred will be leaving the Community Arts Center and closing the after-school program effective 10/31/2018.

As many of you know the Community Arts Center has been looking to increase the rent on Kindred’s space. With the dynamic of our program, there is no room to grow our funding to account for this increase and raising the rates of our program is not right for our families. This along with the proposed changes to the downtown area promote safety concerns for our children that makes the Community Art Center no longer a perfect fit for our families.

This is NOT the end of Kindred. We are still a strong community of members who believe in the loving environment and amazing creative movement that Kindred was born to be. The Board and I will be working alongside some amazing local venues to bring Kindred to our community in a new bright light. We will keep up on our monthly newsletters to let our community know where we are in this process.

Such an immediate closure date is going to be difficult for our families and we wish that there was an easier way to ease into this process. There is going to be a lot of moving parts to transfer Kindred into a temporary storage and there is not enough funding to keep good with Parks and Rec with no students in session. And while we know that emotions are going to be high during these final days we do really hope that you will help in this transition piece.

Please understand that this temporary closure is not the end, but the beginning of something greater. Know that we at Kindred love our families so much that we want to take Kindred to a higher level allowing for more memories and even more amazing art!

We hope that you will be able to help us at Kindred with this transition as we will definitely need help! We also hope that with the amazing adventures that Kindred will be offering in the near future you will join. While this is a difficult transition there are so many great things for our Kindred family in the near future!!

Please direct any questions regarding this transition to Torrie our Treasurer. She will be more than happy to discuss our nearing closure as well as our bright future!! Contact via email is best at TorrieKindred@gmail.com

With Gratitude,

Nicole & the Kindred Board